Code Success Academy

 The Code Success Academy (CSA) offers special blended classes for learning Mathematics, ICT, English and Bulgarian, providing VET education in Bulgaria. It is a two phase learning process - (1st) Alignment of the acquired knowledge of each participant with the CSA knowledge taxonomy in 6 months period and (2nd) acquiring professional qualification and specialization in different fields, e.g. ICT, financial management, industrial management etc., for a period of 2 years. By this moment CSF is partnering effectively with the Software University, and is providing a full 2 year learning cycle in front-end, back-end development, software architecture and graphic design for the CSA students. CSA also engages in the process of job search for its recruits after the 1st year completion at junior level in a top level international IT companies and industries.

What makes the CSA unique is the blended educational approach, which combines new EdTech approaches and modern methodologies with the old-school live teaching and new visualization techniques, i.e. scribing. Our blended approach is a careful calibrated combination of live and e-learning tools and techniques, but the most important part is the human centered gamification, and individual motivation profiling of each student.

Our special objective are:
1. To create the perfect engagement loop for learning or the new educational Pokemon GO, and after to apply is for students, but also for adults.
2. To teach confidence in the knowledge and skills each academy students acquires or possess.
3. To successfully compete the CSA students on the labor market and to give a real job to people from social disadvantaged groups.

The CSA team, accumulate knowledge from the main teaching fields, e.g. mathematics, ICT, philology, but also psychology, sociology, gamification etc. We work live with the annual cohort recruits (or students) 4 hours / 4 days per week, and also we apply a large instrumentarium of home or project based assignments. The CSA offers many additional activities, trying to support our students during their educational endeavour, e.g. carrier support center, personal and legal support center, allowing us to work with social disadvantages young people.
The Code Success Academy takes young talented children from 16 to 18 year old. The annual take-in is only by invitation. 

If you think you have talent to become IT person you can sign for the initial screening here.

  • Donor and country of origin: Easy Asset Management, CSF, Bulgaria
  • Priority area: Academy
  • Overall project value: 25000
  • Duration: 15.02.2016 - 23.06.2017
  • Project web page: