Our mission

CSF mission is to create an environment for social inclusion and demarginalization by boosting social alternatives and innovation via modern technology.

We started the establishment of a new ecosystem for professional cooperation with straight eye on development of innovative ideas and attracting investment with high social impact. Our ecosystem is called the HUB and our dream is to develop the HUB into a mixed structure consistent of a LAB for innovations and community center, where the LAB ensures the growth of ideas from their planting, as well as an environment for creative people, who inspire and create. In the same time the center will facilitate activities in regards to education, standardization and networking.

Priority areas

Our work is arranged in six big priority areas:

  • The ACADEMY - Innovative and integrated models of education, as well as new learning instruments, including new technologies
  • The LAB- Socially responsible and sustainable projects and business models in the education, health, financial literacy, sustainable living environment, new clean technology areas. Further significant elements of the LAB are programs for talent development, cognitive skills and innovations
  • The HUB - it unites the LAB with innovative working space and networking space, exchange of ideas and know-how
  • The FUND
  • Our CONSULTANCY - social and ecological audit of policies, programs and projects of national and subnational level

Our network

Code Success Foundation is a member of professional networks such as:

  • Western Balkan alliance for work based learning lead by the Austrian Development Agency
  • Strategy CEE, Social Impact Berlin
  • EdTech Innovation lab, GSV labs
  • The foundation is also negotiating with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), the Octalysis group and the TechSoup.