On May 24th and the letters

Happy Holiday, dear students and followers!

Today, we celebrate the Bulgarian education and culture and the Slavonic literature day.

One of the first testimonies for celebrating the holiday is on 11 May 1851 in the school of the Plovdiv Eparchy on the initiative of Naiden Gerov, and by 1858 the event began to be celebrated as a school holiday. After the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1916, the holiday began to be celebrated on May 24th. Such initiative played a key role during the Revival period.

Century and some before that, however, another еvet occurred. In 1710, on the initiative of Peter I, the Cyrillic alphabet was reformed, where the small (regular) and capital letters being unified, and the Russian cyrilic script was created. The reason for this was relatively simple, namely that the capital letters before that were written differently from the small ones.

166 years later, when computers set our everyday life, the Bulgarian Cyrillic script has been gradually replaced by the Russian. Here we have to mention that the creation of a font is a slow and not a simple process and the needs of today's consumers must be satisfied instantly. Because of this fact, most of the modern PC and phone fonts that we use are based on the Russian Cyrillic because it allows to achieve the desired speed in making the font itself.

Uniform letters fonts are entering fast and it's getting harder to keep the richness and the beauty of the letters. By contrast, Latin fonts are becoming more and more diverse.

In 2014 a group of active citizens started the initiative "About the Bulgarian Cyrillic", which aims to popularize the peculiarities of this alphabet. With these words, we join her.

What everyone can do is to spend half an hour to install a beautiful Cyrillic font on their computer and set up the programs they use.

Questions and Answers

Where can we download new Cyrillic fonts?

A good place to download free fonts is:

How do I install a new font?

WikiHow provides a good description in 15 steps on how to install a font in MS Word. The same approach is used for other programs. Here's a link:

Where can we read more?

"About the Bulgarian Cyrillic" (in Bulgarian):

A deeper insight into the issue can be seen in the “Culturenewspaper (in Bulgarian)

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  • Source: Vesselin Drobenov