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Over 60% of the social disadvantaged children have the necessary pre-conditions to become programmers

Today the first school bell of the Code Success Academy rang. An academy organized by the Code Success Foundation. The start of the "third" school year welcomed 30 children from needy families, who in the next six months will have the chance to gain knowledge in key areas and assistance to reach jobs in the IT industry in Bulgaria.

The Academy provides a series of free courses for young people from socially disadvantaged groups aged between 15 and 18, in the form of extracurricular activities and supportive learning process. The academy duration is 6 months, after school, where 30 students will attend classes in ICT, Maths, English and Bulgarian language, entrepreneurship and leadership. Classes will have a total of 725 hours.

To help our future developers the Smart classroom of Samsung and Junior Achievement in Sofia Tech Park comes to place, where all the classes will be held. At spot, our students will be able to use the most modern technological equipment for classroom work - tablets, e-board and professional screens, infrared sound etc. A very strong commitment to out 30 students have been shown by the main financial donors of the initiative - Stanimir Vasilev and Nedelcho Spasov, Bulgarian entrepreneurs and founders of the Easy Asset Management and Management Financial Group companies. Software University founder, Svetlin Nakov motivate future programmers in their first steps towards IT industry. The partners of the company Samsung in the face of Jasmina Petkova - "Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs Supervisor" and Slaviana Dokimova expert "Programs and Projects" by Junior Achievement also welcomed the students and wished them success at the Academy.

During the initial screening our experts have made contact with more than 5,000 families from Sofia, whose households were visited, where interest in the program have shown by 107 children between 16 and 18 years, of which 69 or 65% have shown the necessary qualities (according to our specific profiling system). The main criteria for final selection and determination of the 30 students at the Academy have ben their psychological profile, basic skills, computer literacy, as well as the support of the family. One third of the invited children to education are girls.

Thanks to the ingenuity of parents, friends and relatives, overall majority of the selected children have good computer skills, although not all have personal computers.

"The purpose of the Code Success Academy is to provide opportunity for young people in socially disadvantaged position to become programmers and to be part of the IT industry in Bulgaria", said during the official opening ceremony of the 2016 academic year Veselin Drobenov, General manager of the Foundation.

In the upcoming trainings organizers will combine the face-to-face and distant education, due to the different engagement of children in schools. Accompanying the main process methods for individual motivation and gamification will be introduced.

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