Code Success Academy begins


The first 30 students will begin their training at the Code Success Academy at September 19th, 2016

The main objectives of the academy are:

  • To enable groups of gifted children from social vulnerable group to compete effectively on the labor market
  • To build self-esteem in the Academy students that they are more than the stereotype about them
  • To enhance their motivation for learning
  • To create more sophisticated scoring algorithm for evaluation of the success, built on the national knowledge assessment system.

The training is designed for socially disadvantaged students from poor families, minorities and single mothers between 15 and 18 years old. They will be selected within the annual screening for young talents performed by CSF.

It will last six months with common horaruim of 725 hours in 4 main subjects:

  • Information and communication technologies. Basics of programming.
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Bulgarian

The first ten participants with the best success rate will receive an opportunity to continue their education in the Software University, to find a job during the first year of their training and to become respected and successful IT developers.

Th Code Success Academy is alternative platform for VET education, which combines modern methods of e-learning, individual profiling and educational gamification. The platform allows the teacher/trainer to customize the entire educational content in accordance to individual student’s motivational profile. Such approach allows the teacher to motivate students not only with incentives, but also by attractive methods taking into account the personal performance, loyalty, optimism, luck, cooperation and responsibility.

  • Created on: 26-07-2016

  • Source: Code Success Foundation