Crowdfunding Platform Directory

This list of crowdfunding platforms does not purport to be complete, but it will include dozens of crowdfunding sites you can consider for your campaign, giving you plenty of candidates for fundraising.



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Investment Crowdfunding Sites (click on the Name/URL to see a more complete profile):


Name/URL Social Impact Focus
BankRoll Includes Social Impact
EarlyShares Includes Social Impact
Equity Net Includes Social Impact
Flashfunders Includes Social Impact
Funding Circle Includes Social Impact
Funding Circle US Includes Social Impact
Localstake Includes Social Impact
Milaap Social Ventures Pte Ltd Includes Social Impact
Mindfull Investors Includes Social Impact
Mission Markets Focus on Social Impact
OfferBoard Includes Social Impact
OurCrowd Includes Social Impact
Seed Equity Includes Social Impact
SeedUps Canada Includes Social Impact
StartEngine Includes Social Impact
SunFunder Includes Social Impact
NextSeed Includes Social Impact


Crowdfunding Sites for Donations and Rewards (click on the Name/URL to see a more complete profile):


Name/URL Personal/Nonprofit/Socent/Other/Everything
BNN Funding Other
Classy Socent/Nonprofit
<></> Socent/Other
CommitChange Nonprofit
CureCrowd Other
Darelicious Personal/Nonprofit
Deposit a Gift Personal/Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit
Fairfundr from Majamba Digital Personal/Socent
Fundly Personal/Nonprofit
FundRazr Personal/Nonprofit
Giveffect Inc. Nonprofit
GlobalGiving Nonprofit
GoFundMe Personal
Gust Socent/Other
HelpingB Personal/Socent
HIPGive Socent/Other
Hispanics in Philanthropy Socent/Other
Indiegogo Everything Personal/Socent/Other
Kickstarter Socent/Other
Kickante Everything
Kimbia Nonprofit
kriticalmass Personal/Socent Nonprofit/Other
MyFundNow Personal/Socent/Other
Patreon Personal/Socent
peerbackers Socent
PledgeCents Personal/Other
RallyMe Personal/Other
Razoo Personal/Nonprofit
RideToGive Personal
RocketHub Nonprofit/Socent/Other
Spotfund Nonprofit/Other
TwistRate Personal/Other
Watsi Nonprofit
Women’s Worldwide Web (W4) Socent/Other
Xeelion, LLC Personal/Socent
121Giving Nonprofit


Real Estate Focused Sites (click on the Name/URL to see a more complete profile):


CrowdVenture, LLC
Patch of Land
Prodigy Network
Wellesley & Co.


If you know of a site that we should add to our list, please alert us  here.


The CSF directory of Bulgarian crowdfunding platforms is coming soon.


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