CSF Consultancy

CSF experts provide consultancy and expertise within the main foundation's priority areas of development, e.g.:

1. Corporate Social Responsibility - policies, establishing unified approaches for business actions, impact measuring etc.

2. Development and promotion of corporate philanthropy approaches for the Bulgarian and international business.

3. Education with state-of-the-art tools and techniques for students engagement, educational curriculum development, gamification of the educational process, special teaching classes for youth talents, and social disadvantaged children.  

4. Securing investment loops with high social impact, as well as effective networking in the frame of the three main investment networks for social impact - ANDE, GIIN and Collaboration 4 Development (World Bank Group). Establishment and management of special guarantee and equity funds, etc. 

5.Ideas and innovation setting and scaling up till growth.

6. Other activities related to the previous experience of our team, organization's mission, and dreams endevour.

  • Donor and country of origin: CSF, International funds
  • Priority area: Consultancy
  • Overall project value: 150000
  • Duration: 01.07.2016 - 02.01.2017
  • Project web page: